Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Astley, Thomas of  Abt 1430Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4949
2 Baylie, Elizabeth  Abt 1566Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4959
3 Baylie, William  1530Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4960
4 De Astley, Alyse  Abt 1461Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4921
5 Gater, John  Abt 1536Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4961
6 Gater, Judith  19 Mar 1588Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4912
7 Gater, Michael  1562Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4958
8 Kebble, Alice  1527Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4916
9 Perkins, Abraham  28 Jan 1612Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4909
10 Perkins, Henry  Abt 1500Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4918
11 Perkins, Henry  1555Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4913
12 Perkins, Mary  13 Sep 1615Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I7314
13 Perkins, Thomas  Between 1453 and 1458Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4920
14 Perkins, Thomas  1527Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4915
15 Sawbridge, Elizabeth  1555Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baylie, Elizabeth  1630Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4959
2 De Astley, Alyse  1538Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4921
3 Gater, Michael  1624Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4958
4 Kebble, Alice  20 Aug 1613Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4916
5 Perkins, Henry  15 Jun 1546Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4918
6 Perkins, Henry  5 Apr 1608Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4913
7 Perkins, Thomas  1528Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4920
8 Perkins, Thomas  23 Mar 1591Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4915
9 Perkins, William  1495Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4922
10 Reed, Joanna  1478Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4923
11 Sawbridge, Elizabeth  1603Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4914
12 Taylor, Agnes  1360Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England I4932


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gater / Baylie  13 Nov 1576Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England F2127
2 Perkins / De Astley  Abt 1500Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England F2105
3 Perkins / Gater  9 Oct 1608Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England F2100
4 Perkins / Kebble  1555Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England F2102
5 Perkins / Sawbridge  20 Nov 1576Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England F2101