Oppland, Norway



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sigrid  Oppland, Norway I1254
2 Begdal, Christen Olsen  Abt 1744Oppland, Norway I4720
3 Bergdalseiet, Ole Christensen  Abt 1791Oppland, Norway I3416
4 Bratraaget, Synne Olsdatter  Abt 1804Oppland, Norway I4485
5 Byhre, Halvor Olsen  Abt 1794Oppland, Norway I4492
6 Byhre, Ole Halvorsen  Abt 1764Oppland, Norway I4528
7 Bø, Torger Torgersen  Abt 1670Oppland, Norway I8374
8 Guttorm  Oppland, Norway I3740
9 Hage, Hans  Oppland, Norway I1251
10 Halfdansson, Ivar  770Oppland, Norway I4064
11 Hansdatter, Kari  Abt 1746Oppland, Norway I4792
12 Haugen, Torger Andersen  UnknownOppland, Norway I8253
13 Ingjaldsson, Mrs  1391Oppland, Norway I3310
14 Kongslie, Tosten Erlandsen  Abt 1773Oppland, Norway I4494
15 Larsdatter, Marit  Abt 1762Oppland, Norway I4531
16 Mrs  705Oppland, Norway I4067
17 Nilsen, Ola Prestegaarden  1635Oppland, Norway I8418
18 Oe, Cecelia Gyrdsdtr  1364Oppland, Norway I3732
19 Oe, Gyrd Ingjaldsen  1387Oppland, Norway I3457
20 Paulsen, Peder  22 Jul 1828Oppland, Norway I8333
21 Pedersdatter, Embjør  Abt 1781Oppland, Norway I4527
22 Sigurdsson, Halfdan  944Oppland, Norway I3821
23 Skjak, Gudlik Petersen  1360Oppland, Norway I3603
24 Skjak, Peter Gundleikson  1330Oppland, Norway I3604
25 Sveidasson, Halfden The Aged  700Oppland, Norway I4066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bø, Tore Torgersdatter  Aft 24 Feb 1744Oppland, Norway I6015
2 Nilsen, Ola Prestegaarden  1681Oppland, Norway I8418
3 Skurdal, David Jonsen  1805Oppland, Norway I4300
4 Skurdal, Lars Davidsen  29 Feb 1840Oppland, Norway I4298


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Graffer / Gaukstad  1703Oppland, Norway F3763
2 Halfdansson / Esteinsdtr  824Oppland, Norway F1609
3 Skjak / Oe  1403Oppland, Norway F1372
4 Sveidasson / Mrs  749Oppland, Norway F1610