Lom, Oppland, Norway



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rønnaug Pedersdatter  18 Nov 1854Lom, Oppland, Norway I8649
2 Gaukstad, Hans Larsen  1673Lom, Oppland, Norway I8393
3 Gaukstad, Lars Larsen  Abt 1682Lom, Oppland, Norway I8414
4 Gaukstad, Lars Rasmussen  1632Lom, Oppland, Norway I3296
5 Gaukstad, Lars Rasmussen  1698Lom, Oppland, Norway I8638
6 Gaukstad, Maren Larsdtr  1673Lom, Oppland, Norway I8407
7 Gaukstad, Marit Rasmusdatter  Aft 1699Lom, Oppland, Norway I8657
8 Gaukstad, Marit Rasmusdatter  Abt 1717Lom, Oppland, Norway I8661
9 Gaukstad, Ole Rasmussen  Abt 1713Lom, Oppland, Norway I8660
10 Gaukstad, Oluf Larsen  Aft 1667Lom, Oppland, Norway I4388
11 Gaukstad, Rasmus Larsen  1725Lom, Oppland, Norway I8640
12 Gaukstad, Rasmus Rasmussen  Abt 1710Lom, Oppland, Norway I8659
13 Gaukstad, Ronnaug Rasmusdatter  Aft 1698Lom, Oppland, Norway I8400
14 Gaukstad, Tron Rasmussen  Abt 1707Lom, Oppland, Norway I8658
15 Graffer, Ellef Nilsen  1648Lom, Oppland, Norway I8408
16 Haugen, Erland Rasmussen  9 Dec 1890Lom, Oppland, Norway I8650
17 Haugen, Kari Rasmusdatter  1725Lom, Oppland, Norway I8641
18 Haukdalen, Erland Rasmussen  1784Lom, Oppland, Norway I8644
19 Larsdatter, Anne  1699Lom, Oppland, Norway I8394
20 Lyngve, Kari Sjursdatter  1676Lom, Oppland, Norway I8398
21 Moen, Rasmus Erlandsen  16 Jun 1824Lom, Oppland, Norway I8646
22 Nyøygard, Rasmus Rasmussen  1754Lom, Oppland, Norway I8642
23 Olsen, Nils  1597Lom, Oppland, Norway I65
24 Prestgard, Mrs. Torstein  1550Lom, Oppland, Norway I8424
25 Prestgarden, Goro Nilsdatter  1640Lom, Oppland, Norway I8391
26 Runningen, Anne  1889Lom, Oppland, Norway I8651
27 Runningen, Halvard  12 Jun 1919Lom, Oppland, Norway I8653
28 Siversen, Morten  1677Lom, Oppland, Norway I8411
29 Stamstad, Kari Hansdatter  1700Lom, Oppland, Norway I8639
30 Teigen, Anne Nielsdatter  1826Lom, Oppland, Norway I8647
31 Vesløygard, Embjør Johnsdatter  1792Lom, Oppland, Norway I8645
32 Øverli, Brit Erlandsdatter  1747Lom, Oppland, Norway I8643
33 Øverslihaugen, Rasmus  12 May 1860Lom, Oppland, Norway I8648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Larsdotter, Eldri Gaukstad  Lom, Oppland, Norway I8410
2 Siversen, Morten  Lom, Oppland, Norway I8411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gaukstad, Christen Larsen  1722Lom, Oppland, Norway I8399
2 Gaukstad, Lars Rasmussen  Abt 1714Lom, Oppland, Norway I3296
3 Gaukstad, Lars Rasmussen  1767Lom, Oppland, Norway I8638
4 Gaukstad, Oluf Larsen  24 Mar 1714Lom, Oppland, Norway I4388
5 Gaukstad, Rasmus Larsen  1761Lom, Oppland, Norway I8640
6 Haugen, Kari Rasmusdatter  1799Lom, Oppland, Norway I8641
7 Haukdalen, Erland Rasmussen  1842Lom, Oppland, Norway I8644
8 Moen, Rasmus Erlandsen  28 Aug 1907Lom, Oppland, Norway I8646
9 Nyøygard, Rasmus Rasmussen  1810Lom, Oppland, Norway I8642
10 Olsen, Nils  6 Jun 1671Lom, Oppland, Norway I65
11 Prestgarden, Goro Nilsdatter  1722Lom, Oppland, Norway I8391
12 Runningen, Halvard  3 Dec 1987Lom, Oppland, Norway I8653
13 Stamstad, Kari Hansdatter  1780Lom, Oppland, Norway I8639
14 Vesløygard, Embjør Johnsdatter  1865Lom, Oppland, Norway I8645
15 Øverli, Brit Erlandsdatter  1832Lom, Oppland, Norway I8643
16 Øverslihaugen, Rasmus  1950Lom, Oppland, Norway I8648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Larsdotter, Eldri Gaukstad  Lom, Oppland, Norway I8410
2 Siversen, Morten  Lom, Oppland, Norway I8411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Moen, Rasmus Erlandsen  1824Lom, Oppland, Norway I8646


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gaukstad / Alvsdotter  1704Lom, Oppland, Norway F3765
2 Siversen / Larsdotter  1701Lom, Oppland, Norway F3764