Vernon, Wisconsin, USA


Latitude: 43.700644071512464, Longitude: -90.77728271484375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bergum, Christine  Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I1264
2 Bergum, Harold  Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I1255
3 Bergum, Herman Albert  1 Feb 1894Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I1164
4 Erickson, Arlene  14 Dec 1921Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2700
5 Erickson, Ida  19 Nov 1876Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8067
6 Erickson, Marion Ardell  10 Mar 1924Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2701
7 Erickson, Oluf G.  25 Nov 1874Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8066
8 Franson, Sena  4 Jul 1883Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I733
9 Jernander, Milan Lorenzo  27 Mar 1921Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I570
10 Johnson, Josephine  25 Oct 1871Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I720
11 Larson, Alma  5 Jan 1884Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I47
12 Larson, Axel  4 Mar 1881Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I58
13 Larson, Herman  18 Oct 1898Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I53
14 Larson, Isaac  9 Feb 1884Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I5
15 Larson, Louisa  26 Aug 1871Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I54
16 Larson, Louise  12 Aug 1873Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I55
17 Larson, Magnus  19 Jan 1879Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I57
18 Larson, Magnus  4 Apr 1889Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I49
19 Larson, Manda  24 Apr 1890Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I50
20 Larson, Olaf  21 Sep 1896Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I52
21 Larson, Oscar  17 Nov 1887Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I48
22 Larson, Paula  25 Mar 1892Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I51
23 Larson, Smith  22 Apr 1877Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I56
24 Moen, Caroline  Dec 1883Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2913
25 Moen, Christina  5 Jul 1880Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8455
26 Moen, George  15 Jan 1899Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I448
27 Moen, Ole C.  Jan 1864Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2910
28 Nepprud, Andrena  7 May 1865Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I502
29 Pederson, Caroline  1862Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I456
30 Pederson, Henry  1869Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I522
31 Pederson, Olof  1867Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I511
32 Pederson, Spencer  Abt 1903Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8017
33 Raiten, Mildred Genevieve  31 Oct 1921Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I483
34 Sletten, Marion Blaine   I712
35 Sletten, Orion Gerald  28 Sep 1916Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I708
36 Sletten, Walda 'Valda'  4 Sep 1913Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I707


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bjerke, Samuel Jorgensen  1 May 1880Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I60
2 Brettingen, Andrew Johnson  28 Aug 1913Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I6541
3 Fransen, Ingeborg  1 Apr 1914Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I6164
4 Gløme-Ødegaarden, Marit Pedersdatter  9 Oct 1906Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I61
5 Hoff, Lars Christiansen  18 Feb 1900Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8258
6 Hoff, Ole  24 Apr 1945Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I518
7 Johnson, Engebret  6 Mar 1905Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I717
8 Larsdatter, Mari  12 Jan 1911Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I463
9 Larsdatter, Marit  19 Jun 1880Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I464
10 Larson, Louisa  24 Apr 1872Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I54
11 Larson, Magnus  1879Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I57
12 Larson, Magnus  10 Apr 1889Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I49
13 Larson, Ole  23 Dec 1908Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I44
14 Leland, Anne Mathea Olson  20 Sep 1902Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I516
15 Mehlumsengen, Karen Larsdatter  20 Oct 1890Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I9174
16 Mo, Mari Kristensdatter  1924Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I734
17 Moen, Christen Olsen  25 Dec 1911Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8456
18 Moen, Gunder Torgersen  10 Apr 1930Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I902
19 Nepprud, Andrena  15 Jul 1922Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I502
20 Pederson, Arne  5 Mar 1900Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8012
21 Sagmoen, Lars  21 Sep 1906Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I899
22 Samuelsdatter, Anne  Mar 1885Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I45
23 Skurdal, Anne Larsdatter  11 Mar 1890Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I462
24 Sletten, Engebret  6 Dec 1909Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I510
25 Sletten, Gunder  1 Apr 1939Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I501
26 Sletten, Johannes  9 Apr 1909Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I514
27 Sletten, Ole Edvardsen  1910Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I718
28 Sletten, Ole Ellefsen  15 Mar 1893Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I507
29 Stigen, Hans Hanson  9 Jul 1884Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I641
30 Volden, Marie Amundsdatter  31 Dec 1929Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Berg, Sønnov Pedersdatter  1918Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8260
2 Bjerke, Samuel Jorgensen  1880Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I60
3 Bjorge, Nora Johnson  1985Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I1188
4 Brettingen, Andrew Johnson  1913Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I6541
5 Erickson, Olof  1918Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I6163
6 Gløme-Ødegaarden, Marit Pedersdatter  1906Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I61
7 Hoff, Lars Christiansen  1900Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8258
8 Jernander, Milan Lorenzo  2007Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I570
9 Johnson, Engebret  1905Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I717
10 Larsdatter, Marit  1880Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I464
11 Larson, Alma  1951Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I47
12 Larson, Olaf  1972Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I52
13 Larson, Ole  1908Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I44
14 Larson, Smith  1922Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I56
15 Maurhaugen, Anne Madsdatter  1918Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2946
16 McDaniel, Mariam Idella  1994Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I731
17 Mehlumsengen, Karen Larsdatter  1890Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I9174
18 Moen, Alfred  1932Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I444
19 Moen, Christen Olsen  1911Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8456
20 Moen, Edwin  1990Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I450
21 Moen, Gunder Torgersen  1930Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I902
22 Moen, Henry  1991Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I447
23 Moen, Martin  1974Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I449
24 Moen, Thorwald Tom  1942Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I3288
25 Paulson, Mona  1998Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2599
26 Pederson, Arne  1900Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8012
27 Raiten, John  1955Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I251
28 Raiten, Melvin Nordal  2001Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I479
29 Rose, Nels  1904Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2619
30 Samuelson, Sidney Orlando  1994Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2592
31 Skurdal, Anne Larsdatter  1890Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I462
32 Sletten, Helga Amelia  1931Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I497
33 Spraekenhuus, Martha Kristensdatter  1905Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I2620
34 Volden, Amund Amundsen  1882Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I530
35 Volden, Marie Amundsdatter  1929Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Olson, Alfred John  1920Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I843
2 Olson, Andrew J.  1900Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I847
3 Olson, Andrew J.  1920Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I847
4 Rulland, Ole Olson  1880Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I9202
5 Rulland, Ole Olson  1900Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I9202
6 Skurdal, Anne Larsdatter  1880Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I462


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Larsdatter, Marit  1865Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I464
2 Mehlumsengen, Karen Larsdatter  1857Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I9174
3 Moen, Christen Olsen  1857Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I8456
4 Moen, Torger Gunderson  1877Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I452
5 Sletten, Ole Edvardsen  Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I718
6 Volden, Amund Amundsen  1857Vernon, Wisconsin, USA I530


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Covert / Jernander   F3881
2 Hoff / Sletten  Vernon, Wisconsin, USA F225
3 Jernander / Jorgenson   F247
4 Jernander / Larson   F216
5 Johnson / Larsdatter  6 Feb 1871Vernon, Wisconsin, USA F197
6 Larson / Franson  7 Mar 1906Vernon, Wisconsin, USA F46
7 Larson / Olsdatter  28 Dec 1886Vernon, Wisconsin, USA F37
8 Moen / Elstadmoen  20 Oct 1862Vernon, Wisconsin, USA F3780
9 Stigen / Larsdatter  25 Jan 1866Vernon, Wisconsin, USA F196