Gail Eldridge Myers

Male 1923 - 2019  (96 years)



Gail E Myers, Sportsman

Gail said of this picture, "When that appeared I was in Mexico for a year doing photography with a free-lance writer. My mother in Huron got a letter from Uncle Dan Myers asking her to let me know, wherever I was, that he had seen the magazine.

"He had looked at the cover and said to himself, "That looks like brother Larry's double-barrel LeFevre twenty that kid's holding --" So he checked the cover credit and found out that gun really was Larry's LeFevre and wrote to "that kid's" mother to send a congratulatory letter. If anybody ever thought Dan was anything less than a sportsman of the first rank that story ought to place him among the sharpest eyes and alert wits in the whole outdoors."

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