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Tracing the Slettens

Tracing the Slettens. Started with no patronym for Gunder, Engebret, Mathea, Ole, Edward. Did have precise birth dates for Gunder and Engebret. Guessed Olsen and turned out correct. All records are from Ringebu parish. Olsen was later confirmed by Aline and Clarice, and by the gravestone of father “Ole E. Sletten” at Brush Creek. No trace of the surname Sletten. There is such a farm in Ringebu, but I haven’t seen it in any of these family records, except possibly as a witness’ residence. Deciphering the handwriting is also an inexact science.

2 Edvard Olsen, b. 11 Sept. 1854, c. 22 Oct. 1854, Ringebu

Parents: Ole Ellefsen, Ingeborg Eriksdatter, residence Aamoslihaugen

2 Engelbreth Olsen, b. 20 Jul. 1860, c. 7 Oct. 1860, Ringebu

Parents: Ole Ellefsen, Ingeborg Eriksdatter, residence øvre Troshaugen?

2 Gunder Olsen, b. 20 Jan. 1864, c. 7 Feb. 1864, Ringebu

Parents: Ole Ellefsen, Ingeborg Eriksdatter; residence Thugordstuen

2 Else Olsdatter, b. 5 Mar. 1867, c. 31 Mar. 1867, Ringebu

Parents: Ole Ellefsen, Ingeborg Eriksdatter; residence Thugordstuen

2 Olaus Olsen, b. 27 Jan. 1870, c. 27 Feb. 1870, Ringebu

Parents: Ole Ellefsen, Ingeborg Eriksdatter; residence Kongerud?

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1 Ole Ellefsen Aamoslien, Ingeborg Eriksdatter Elstad married 14 Jun. 1854 Ringebu

Age: Ole 23, Ingeborg 22 ½

1 Ole Ellefsen born 24 Sept. 1831, christened 2 Oct. Ringebu
Parents: Ellef Olsen Toftmarken, Else Gundersdatter

*see below for pedigree of Ingeborg Eriksdatter

1 Passage of one Ole Ellefsen, approx. correct age (6 years off), already resident of America(?) maybe return trip? (Emigration protocols)

Oslo 3573 1900 Juli 12 Ole Ellefsen m G Farmer 63 Amerika Wisconsin 4555 U.s.a. 169,- Island

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-1 Ellef Olsen, Else Gundersdatter married 26 Mar. 1831, Ringebu

Ellev is widower (Enkemand,) age 38 residence Tofthougen?, Else age 37, residence Madsveen.

-1 Ellef Olsen (father of Ole Ellefsen) christened 14 Apr. 1793 Ringebu.

Parents: Ole Ellefsen, Marit Gulbrandsdatter _ _ _(?), residence Hollet(?)

-2 Ole Ellefsen, Marit Gulbransdatter (parents of Ellef Olsen) married 11 Oct. 1792 (Engaged 23 Sept.), Ringebu

Ole’s residence Skarstun(?) fra Froen, Marit’s res. Hollet.
If Ole is from Froen, as this record indicates, his birth record was lost in 1801 Froen vicerage fire.

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-2Marit Guldbrandsdatter christened 15 Jun 1766, Ringebu

Father: Guldbrand Olsen; mother:  Eli HANSDR[??] very suspect transcription; could be Brandstad; residence: ØVRE BRANDSTAD

Father’s patronym (Olsen) added after I found the family in 1801 census, Ranklev farm. Mother (Eli) had died, Father (widower) Guldbrand Olsen, Marit, her husband Ole Ellefsen, their son Ellef Olsen and siblings are all there.

This is a solid line, with good connections and primary source back to 1704.

-3 Gulbrand Olsen Christening: 02 OCT 1735, Ringebu, Oppland, Norway

Father: Ole Olsen Kous; Mother: Maren Gulbrandsdatter nedre[?] Brandstad; Residence: Kous

-4 Ole Olsen, Maren Gulbransdatter Marriage 09 Jul 1735 (Engagement 23 Jun), Ringebu

residence: Kous (Ole), nedre[?] Brandstad (Maren)

-4 Ole Olsen Christening 11 Feb. [Sexagesima Sunday]1705, Ringebu, Oppland, Norway (indexer mistakenly noted 15 Feb)

-5 Father: Ole Kous; residence: Kous (mistranscribed “Hous” by LDS indexer)

-4 Maren Gulbrandsdatter Christening 28 Nov. 1704, Ringebu, Oppland, Norway

Father: Gulbrand Brandstad

= = =

(wife of Ole Ellefsen Sletten)

1 Ingeborg Eriksdatter born & christened 15 Jan. 1832. Øyer, Oppland, Norway

Parents: Erik Olsen, Marit (or Embjør?) Mikelsdatter, residence Elstad
Note: Øyer parish is adjacent to Ringebu; both have an Elstad farm. However, there is no Ingeborg Erichdatter born near the right time anywhere in Ringebu parish, nor on any other Elstad farm. Good confidence of this connection.

-1 Erich Olsen and Ømbjor Michelsdatter married 29 June 1818, Øyer

res: Staum fra Gausdal (Erich); Elstad (Ømbjor)

Erik Olsen born 2 May 1791, christened 12 June, Gausdal

Father: Ole Jacobsen; Mother: Marthe Larsdatter; res: Kraabøl
This family (Ole, Martha, 2 children) is in 1801 census, kraabøl farm, but Erik (should be age 10) is not listed ??

-1 Ømbjor and Marit Mikelsdatter (twins) born 31 Jan. 1793, Øyer.

Father: Michel; Mother: Ane (no patronyms); res: Lien

-2 Ole Jacobsen, Marthe Larsdatter married 18 Apr 1775, Øyer.

Residence: Bratland (Ole), Nubrud _ _ ? (Marthe)

(no birth record found for Marthe Larsdatter 1737-1757 Øyer, Gausdal, or Ringebu)

Ole Jacobsen born 6 Jan 1751, christened 31 Jan., Gausdal

Father: Jacob Olsen, Mother: Lisbet Olsdatter (unwed) Jacob’s status: Og_ _mand? res: Houm_ _ _?


?-2 Ole Jacobsen christened Palm Sun. (3 April?) 1746, Gausdal

Father: Jacob (?-LDS says Olsen but I can’t find; LDS says mother: Karen Jorgensdatter but I cant find any mother); residence same as above (!) Houm_ _ _? This baby (and mother?) may have died and the name been recycled by same father??

-3 Jacob Olsen christened 11 Jun 1721, Gausdal
Father: Ole (?-LDS says Jacobsen but I can’t find; LDS says mother: Ragnhild Svendsen but I cant find any mother); res. Houm

-4 Ole Jacobsen, Ragnild Simensdatter (LDS mistranscribed as Svendsen) married 1720 (engaged 4 Nov.), Gausdal

res: Houm

-4 Ole Jacobsen born 1695, Gausdal; buried 7 Oct 1737

(LDS member submission)
Father: Jacob Olsen; mother: Anna Ellefsen, res: Houm

-4 Ragnhild Simensdatter, christened 18 May 1697, Gausdal

Father: Simon Heggen; res: Heggen; 1st witness: Jacob Houm!!

-3 Lisbet Olsdatter born abt 1725, Gausdal
(LDS Member submission)
res: Fougne

= = =

-3 Karen Jorgensdatter christened 2 May 1723, Gausdal

Father: Jorgen; res: Elstad

-4 Jorgen Olsen, born about 1700, Gausdal, Norway
(LDS member submission)
Father: Ole Ericksen; mother: Karen Kristensdatter; married Anne Stenersen 1722

= = =

-1 Else Gundersdatter, age 7, (mother of Ole Ellefsen Sletten), is listed in census of 1801, along with her parents and siblings. Farm name is Madssveen. Very good line in Ringebu back to 1709.

-1 Else Gundersdatter, christened 24 Nov. 1793, Ringebu, Norway

Father: Gunder Joensen, Mother: Mari Gulliksdatter, Residence: Madsveen
Death:  (LDS submission)

21 AUG 1840 Aarnaesliehougen,Aarnaeslien,Favang, Ringebu, Oppland, Norway

Burial:  (LDS submission)

29 AUG 1840 Favang, Ringebu, Oppland, Norway

-2 Gunder Joensen, christened 5 Feb 1758, Ringebu

Father: Joen Larsen; Mother: Marthe Gundersdatter; Residence: Guttu Søndre

-2 Mari Guleksdatter christened 6 Feb 1757, Ringebu

Father: Gulek Nordrum, mother: Anne Eriksdatter, res: Nordrum

-3 Gulich Eriksen christened 30 Mar 1710, Ringebu

Father Erich Saetter; residence Saetter(?), first witness is from Nordrum(?)

= = =

-3 Joen Larsen, Marthe Gundersdatter marriage 10 Apr 1755 (engaged 16 Mar), Ringebu. Joen is a soldier. Parents of Gunder Joensen

Residence: Joen: Berg; Marthe: _ _ _ _ _? Dalseg(?)

-3 Joen Larsen christened 14 Sept. 1732, Ringebu

Father: Lars Hansen(?-LDS transcription suspect). Residence not given; some witnesses are from Branstad(!) others possibly from Sletten (!)

-4 Lars Hansen(?) christened 27 Sept. 1709, Ringebu

father Hans Monsen, mother Kari Engebretsdatter – very small & difficult script. Residence: Saetter? Birth was out of wedlock “uegte barn.” Father is only mentioned in the last line; unusual for even an unwed birth:
Barnets fader var, Hans Monsen (“Babies father was …” Was the father dead already?)

-3 Marthe Gundersdatter christened 11 March 1731, Ringebu.
http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=9262&uid=ny&idx_side=-108 Father: Gunder Dalsaeg; residence Dalsaeg